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Recold LC Evaporative Condenser

Recold LC Evaporative Condenser

The Recold LC Evaporative Condenser is an induced-draft counterflow evaporative condenser utilizing patent-pending heat transfer technology. Its unique design reduces refrigerant charge and lowers energy consumption versus conventional evaporative condensers while offering installation and maintenance advantages.

Plume Abatement Brochure

Let’s Clear the Air… For decades, cooling towers’ cold-weather condensation plumes have been a major problem. At best, they’re unsightly; at worst, they impair visibility and waste water. Which make them a particular worry around airports and other environmentally sensitive areas. At SPX Cooling Technologies, we’ve made it our mission to eradicate as much of the plume as possible – while conserving significant amounts of water along the way. And we’ve succeeded. Learn more about our plume abatement ClearSky® solutions.

ClearSky® Plume Abatement Brochure

Marley ClearSky® Plume Abatement System is a ground-breaking approach to the reduction of cooling plumes. Employing leading-edge technology, not only does ClearSky provide the proven performance you need—including design flexibility—but it can also lower installation and operating costs. In fact ClearSky has simply the best value proposition in plume abatement—it can even be installed into existing cooling tower applications, negating the need for complete system replacement.

Marley MD Cooling Tower

For decades, SPX Cooling Technologies has been a leading producer of counterflow cooling towers for large industrial installations. The Marley MD takes advantage of this experience by bringing it down to size.The Marley MD is a factory assembled tower, which makes it a definite go-to solution for light industry and HVAC applications.

Marley MD Everest

When SPX Cooling Technologies engineers began their quest to design a new counterflow cooling tower, they were challenged to reach new heights in cooling performance. Equally important was their mission to create a solution that would greatly simplify and speed factory fabrication, delivery and field assembly. The result is the Marley® MD Everest,™ a cooling tower that has unparalleled customer advantages.

Marley NC Engineering Data

Engineering Data and Technical Reference for Marley NC cooling towers. The NC is now the highest capacity package cooling tower on the market, ranging from 101 to 1455 tons! The NC is the result of extensive design studies focused on cooling tower sound control.