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Recold JW Engineering Data 1.99 MB 2 downloads

Recold engineering has developed an exclusive water distribution system called hydrospray....


Classifying Cooling Towers 1.87 MB 2 downloads

The cooling tower industry has devised several ways to classify cooling towers to...


Seismic Loads – How They Relate to Cooling Towers 369.44 KB 2 downloads

Like many large structures, cooling towers undergo seismic forces that need to be...


Fluid Cooler Pump Thermostat 1.28 MB 1 downloads

The Johnson Controls A72 Series thermostat (Marley part number C00607) is used in...


S Series Geareducer 550.55 KB 2 downloads

S Series Geareducers include both a custom Inpro/Seal® input shaft seal and an output...


Basin Heater Control – Steam Injector 686.43 KB 1 downloads

The basin heater system is pre-engineered, UL listed and CSA approved for cooling...


Cube BTC Evap Condenser Engineering Data and Specifications – SGS 1.11 MB 5 downloads

The Cube represents the synergy derived from combining the efforts and strengths...


Marley NC Engineering Data 3.06 MB 6 downloads

Engineering Data and Technical Reference for Marley NC cooling towers. The NC is...


Marley NC Fiberglass Engineering Data and Specifications 4.14 MB 1 downloads

NC Fiberglass engineering data, specifications and specification values for base...