If you need emergency or supplemental cooling, or simply a contingency plan, SPX Cooling Technology’s extensive fleet of rental towers can get you out of hot water. We respond quickly during emergency outages to get your system up and running fast so you avoid costly down time. We use only Marley cooling towers that help you operate as efficiently possible. Whatever your cooling needs, we’re ready to respond quickly, 24/7.


Energy Efficient Towers

We use genuine Marley towers, the leader in cooling tower design for over 80 years. Our towers are energy efficient, highly resistant to clogging, quiet, and can be installed quickly. They also feature low drift rates.

Our rental cooling towers range in size from 430 GPM to 3500 GPM per unit with unlimited combined cooling capacity. Piping and electrical is supplied to accommodate any layout or demand that your project requires to provide a turnkey tower solution.

The SPX Cooling Technologies Advantage

Rental cooling towers may be a vital part of your business plan or standard operations.

  • Contingency Planning
    We will work with you to develop a comprehensive contingency plan that will drastically reduce the time and cost associated with an unexpected loss of cooling.
  • Supplemental Cooling
    We can also size and install temporary cooling towers that will work parallel with existing cooling towers to deliver extra capacity when needed.
  • Reconstruction and Replacement with a Rental System
    We can repair and rebuild your existing towers quickly and efficiently, reducing your down time or outage.
  • Disaster Response
    In the event of a sudden or untimely failure of an existing cooling tower, we can respond quickly with temporary cooling until a permanent solution can be established.
  • Thermal Discharge Restrictions
    If your thermal discharge is too high and must be lowered, we offer solutions.
  • Pilot Testing
    Real world thermal discharge is sometimes different from planned discharge. We can provide cooling to test your applications on-site to ensure that a proposed permanent tower design meets your requirements.
  • Increased Production
    Periods of increased production can overwhelm cooling systems that were never designed for the increase. Temporary cooling can make up the difference.
  • Surgical Cooling
    Sometimes additional cooling in one specific area will make an entire existing system perform better. Temporary cooling can be used to improve your system’s performance and address specific bottlenecks without the need to change the duty of the entire cooling system.

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